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  1. Current location:Company profile
    Company profile

    Fushun Special Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fushun Special Steel") was set up in 1937 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2000. Fushun Special Steel is a National-level High-tech Enterprise with a National-level Enterprise Technical Center and a post-doctoral research station. There are more than 8,000 employees, including approximately 2,000 professional technical personnel.

    Fushun Special Steel is affiliated with Dongbei Special Steel Group. In 2017, Dongbei Special Steel Group implemented the mixed-ownership reform with substantial support and promotion of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. The actual controller of Shagang Group, China's largest private steel enterprise, became the controlling shareholder of Dongbei Special Steel Group and indirectly became the controlling shareholder of Fushun Special Steel.

    Fushun Special Steel always adheres to the development concept that "To make special steel more special", and as the leader of China's special steel industry, it leads the development of China's special steel materials through R&D and production of products that are “cutting-edge, sophisticated and special”. Fushun Special Steel, known as "the cradle of China's special steel", is an important R&D and production base for materials supporting national military industry, and is the only special steel enterprise among “the list of key civil enterprises supporting military industry” nominated by the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND).

    Fushun Special Steel takes it as its own duty to meet the national demand for special steel materials, and provided a variety of core and critical special steel materials for China's first atomic bomb, the first hydrogen bomb, the first artificial satellite, the first missile and all kinds of intermediate and long-range rockets, for China's "Shenzhou" series manned spacecraft and “Chang 'e” lunar orbiter, and for China's first generation of fighters and contemporary most advanced fighters. During the 70th Anniversary Parade on the National Day 2019, most of the new special steel materials used for new weapons on display were provided by Fushun Special Steel.

    As the key civil enterprise supporting military industry nominated by SASTIND, Fushun Special Steel undertakes and participates in more than 190 scientific research tasks for military new material over the last three "Five-year Plan", including 39 tasks under research and 6 military fixed assets investment and construction projects. It receives orders of more than billion Yuan annually for materials supporting military hardware both under research and in service. At present, Fushun Special Steel occupies more than 80% of domestic market share for superalloy and 95% for ultra-high strength steel in aerospace and aviation field.

    Fushun Special Steel takes on tasks for research and development of special steel new materials all year round based on strong technical background and equipment support such as domestic largest and world-class special melting furnace group, as well as forging, rolling, precision rolling, cold drawing, sheet and plate production line covering a wide range of dimension, and a complete set of finishing, heat treatment and testing facilities. At present, Fushun Special Steel takes “superalloy, ultra-high strength steel, top-grade tool and die steel and special stainless steel” as its core products, and is experienced in manufacturing more than 5400 grades of special steels including superalloy, ultra-high strength steel, stainless steel, tool and die steel, titanium alloy, alloy structural steel, high-speed steel, which are widely applied in the field of aviation, aerospace, weapons, nuclear power, petroleum and petrochemical, transportation, engineering machinery and medical. The products have been sold to over 30 countries and regions covering six continents.

    Fushun Special Steel has already passed ISO 9001 system attestation, GJB9001B system attestation, AS9100C system attestation, ISO/TS 16949-2009 system attestation, ISO 14001 environment management system attestation, ISO10012 measurement management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety system attestation and Nadcap heat treatment attestation. Up to now, Fushun Special Steel has obtained 22 patents for invention, 7 patents for utility models and over 300 national, provincial and ministerial awards.

    Fushun Special Steel has always been fulfilling its social responsibility earnestly at the same time of self-development, and adheres to the green development concept of environmental protection, clean and recycling. Fushun Special Steel built the sewage treatment plant to realize zero sewage discharge, completed the dust removal transformation project for melting equipment and implemented deep processing and comprehensive utilization of scrap steel slag successively, so as to fully implement resource-conserving and environment-friendly development strategy.

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